Rain Bird curved arror dropper 4mm

Rainbird Angled Arrow Dropper: Precise irrigation

  • Precise irrigation in gardens, nurseries, and more
  • Option for pressure compensating drippers
  • Ideal for growers, plant and tree nurseries
  • Suitable for boxes, containers and doors
  • Maximum operating pressure: 2.0 bar, minimum: 0.4 bar
  • Suitable for 3/5 mm micro hose lines
  • Low coefficient of deviation for uniform water supply

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Drip hose holder Rainbird Angled Arrow Drip: Precise irrigation in any environment

Our drip hose holders, specifically the Rainbird Angled Arrow Drip, allow you to provide pinpoint and highly flexible irrigation in a variety of environments, be it in greenhouses, nurseries, indoor plants or even on your balcony. There are many benefits to using these drip hose holders, including the option to fit pressure compensating drippers, making irrigation even more efficient. Find out more about the powerful iDrop DCS CNL pressure valves in our range.

Possible applications

Our versatile drip hose holders are perfect for a variety of applications, including:

  • Greenhouses: In greenhouses, our drip hose holders show their strengths to the full. They enable targeted and even irrigation, which is crucial for the growth of your plants.
  • Plant and tree nurseries: In plant and tree nurseries, our drip tube holders support the optimal development of your plants. The irrigation is precisely dosed, which leads to healthy and strong plants.
  • Buckets, containers and pots: The areas of application of our drip hose holders are not limited to larger plants. They can also be used in your own garden or on the terrace for the efficient irrigation of all kinds of plant containers.

Thanks to their adaptability, our drip hose holders are suitable for many other applications.

Further information

Our drip hose holders are characterised by their sophisticated technical specifications. They function at a maximum operating pressure of 2.0 bar and a minimum operating pressure of 0.4 bar. This ensures that they work reliably in both low and high water pressure environments.

The drip hose holders are specially designed for 3/5 mm micro hose lines, which ensures their versatility. An outstanding feature is their low coefficient of variation (CV value), which ensures an even water supply. This ensures that every plant receives the amount of water it needs, regardless of its location.

With Rainbird angled drippers you are investing in a high quality solution that will meet your irrigation needs in a variety of environments. For more information or to explore the possibilities of the iDrop DCS CNL pressure valves, please contact us. Choose the smart way to irrigate and let your plants bloom in all their glory.

  • Diameter: 4mm
  • Item weight: 0,01 kg

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