Grow tents

The enclosed &room system for the home

Growboxes are easy-to-assemble plant tents for use in closed rooms.
With additional components, a growbox can simulate a self-contained growing system. By using grow boxes, you can now cultivate herbs, vegetables and plants all year round under ideal conditions, regardless of climatic conditions. Grow boxes are available in different sizes (from 0.2m² to over 10m²) and are basically suitable for the cultivation of all plants.


Full control in indoor cultivation with grow boxes

When growing plants in a grow box, the grower is responsible for regulating and controlling all environmental factors. On the one hand, this is a great advantage compared to growing plants outdoors, but it also means that you have to be familiar with all the factors in order to be able to exploit the full potential of a grow box.

In a grow box, each environmental factor can and must therefore be controlled very precisely. Depending on the location requirements of the plant to be cultivated, it can be a real challenge. In contrast to outdoor cultivation, however, all conceivable factors can be consistently and constantly optimised to meet the requirements of a plant culture.

In a grow box, every environmental factor can be controlled very precisely.

The supply of light, nutrients and water can be specifically adjusted to the plants' uptake capabilities. This makes it possible to achieve high-yielding harvests in terms of quality and quantity, as under laboratory conditions, which would not be possible in the wild.

Important quality features of grow boxes

The right material thickness and reflectance

The essential quality features of a grow box are the material thickness and the reflectivity of the inner coating. Mylar film, which reflects up to approx. 98% of the light, is usually used for the coating on the inside. This means that, with the right lighting, the plants receive enough light for healthy growth.

Draughts and viewing windows make work easier

A good grow box should be equipped with easily accessible draughts in the form of numerous inlets and outlets. Viewing windows made of transparent film make it easier to see the plants inside the grow box. You can easily observe the plants from different angles without having to disturb the system.
The more air outlets, inlets and cable openings a grow box has, the more individually and efficiently you can install additional components such as air conditioning, irrigation and measuring Systems.

Six buying tips for choosing the right grow box

In order to be able to make a purchase decision for a specific grow box model, you should clarify the following questions in advance

Buying tip 1: The right size

The choice of the size of the grow box depends on the type of plant you want to grow indoors and how many plants you want to cultivate at once. When choosing the size, please also consider how much space you have available. In case of doubt, you should leave some space upwards in case you want to grow one or two more plants in the future. Our grow boxes are available in many sizes to suit your needs. If you are unsure which size you need for your indoor cultivation, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you. How many plants do you want to grow?

Buying tip 2: The material strength of the grow box

There are grow boxes made of thicker and thinner material. Choose a grow box with a thicker material if you want a truly lightproof solution. This ensures that the light does not shine through to the outside or even illuminate the room. A grow box with higher material strength is also more durable and will give you pleasure for longer.

Buying tip 3:The reflectance of the interior coating

A high-quality internal coating, such as the one used in Cultivalley grow boxes, distributes the reflected light better and thus ensures optimal supply to the plants through the growbox lighting. This allows herbs, vegetables and plants to thrive under optimal lighting conditions.

Buying tip 4: The number of pulls of the growbox

The more drawers a grow box has, the more flexible you are in terms of setting up and expanding your grow equipment. Plan a little bigger if possible, so you can grow your indoor plants comfortably and scalably.

Buying tip 5: Full view with sufficient viewing windows

Due to the isolation properties of grow boxes, plants inside have to do without natural seedlings, which makes them susceptible to pest infestation. Therefore, you should check your crops regularly in order to detect an infestation in the early stages and to be able to start the thorough control immediately. When choosing the right grow box for you, you should therefore make sure that it allows a good view of the plants inside through various viewing windows.

Buying tip 6: Food-grade PVC or PE – a question of content

When cultivating edible herbs, vegetables and plants, make sure that the grow box is made of food-grade PE. The cheaper PVC alternatives, which usually contain chemical softeners, should not be the first choice. Cultivalley grow boxes are generally made of PE and ensure an optimal and food-safe grow.

We also offer growbox-complete-sets, which contain growbox and equipment for various applications in an optimal combination.

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