Grow tent sets

Complete grow box sets for every need

Here we offer you carefully compiled grow box complete sets that contain all the elements you need for successful indoor gardening. Whether you are an experienced gardener or just starting out in the world of indoor growing, our complete grow box sets are the ideal solution for your plants.

What are grow box complete sets and their advantages?

Grow box complete sets are practical indoor grow solutions that offer everything you need to grow your plants in a controlled environment. They usually consist of a high-quality grow box, efficient lighting equipment (such as grow LED lamps or sodium vapour lamps) and a powerful exhaust air system. These complete sets are carefully put together by experienced growers to ensure that all components are perfectly harmonised and the best results can be achieved.

Advantages of our complete grow box sets
  • Simplicity and convenience: Our complete grow box kits are ideal for beginners and experienced gardeners alike, as they contain all the necessary components and do not require any additional tedious research or individual purchases. Everything you need is included in one convenient package.
  • Optimum growth: With the high-quality lighting systems in our complete sets, you can ensure the optimum light spectrum and the right intensity for the healthy growth of your plants.
  • Space saving: Indoor growing can sometimes require limited space. Our complete grow box sets are available in different sizes and allow you to cultivate your plants in a small space.
  • Environmental control: The grow boxes provide a controlled environment in which you can perfectly control the temperature, humidity and other growing conditions to achieve the best growth results.
  • Cost efficiency: Although the purchase of a complete set may initially be an investment, you save money in the long term as all components are perfectly matched and you receive high-quality products in one package.
What are grow box complete sets used for?

Our complete grow box sets are versatile and are ideal for:

  • The cultivation of herbs, vegetables or flowers indoors.
  • Grow your favourite plants all year round, regardless of the weather conditions.
  • The control and optimisation of growing conditions for specific plant species.
  • Growing plants in flats, houses or other indoor spaces where space is limited.
Discover our complete grow box sets

We understand that our customers' needs vary, which is why we offer a wide selection of grow box kits at attractive prices. Whether grow LED lamps or sodium vapour lamps, we have the right lighting systems for you. Our grow box kits are affordable for both beginners and experienced growers, allowing everyone to enjoy a successful indoor grow experience.

Our range includes, among other things:
  • Complete grow box sets incl. a selection of light and exhaust air
  • Complete sets with Greenception LED, exhaust air and other accessories
  • A practical complete set for 3 plants to get started right away.

Choose the complete grow box set that best suits your needs and budget and start your successful indoor growing adventure today!

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