Grow sets

Complete grow tent sets for your successful indoor grow

You want to dive into the world of indoor growing and are looking for a reliable solution to get you started right away? Our grow kits are the answer to your needs. We offer high-quality, carefully assembled complete kits that are specifically tailored to the needs of growers. With our grow kits, you get everything you need for a successful indoor grow without the hassle of selecting individual components.

Complete grow tent sets - The perfect start

Our growbox kits are ideal for beginners and growers with limited space. They offer a cost-effective solution that already includes suitable lighting. You can choose between different sizes and features to ensure your grow project gets off to the best possible start. Our mid-range range includes a variety of Cultivalley and Greenception sets to suit different needs. For experienced growers who have the highest demands, we offer expert sets where you can choose between different lighting and climate components. This way, the equipment always remains individual and yet perfectly coordinated.

Wide range of complete lamp sets for every application

Our complete lamp sets are suitable for almost all applications in indoor growing. Here you have the possibility to adjust the wattage and the light source (for growth, flowering, etc.) according to your requirements. This allows maximum flexibility, as you can adapt your lighting to the needs of your plants without being limited to a prefabricated configuration.

Fertiliser sets for healthy plants

Our fertiliser kits offer a wide range of high-performance fertilisers from well-known brands such as BioBizz, Cultivalley, Hesi and many more. You can choose between different volumes to ensure that the fertilisation is perfectly suited to your needs. With our fertiliser sets, your plants are on solid ground to grow magnificently.

Fresh air and odour control with ventilation sets

For an optimal supply of fresh air to your plants and to effectively eliminate unwanted odours, we offer ventilation sets. Our grow experts have put together carefully coordinated components that ensure continuous air circulation. With our ventilation sets you create optimal conditions for healthy plant growth.

Irrigation sets for stress-free care

Our irrigation sets are the solution for growers who want to water their plants as stress-free as possible. We offer sets for different quantities of plants that allow for a largely automated watering. If you can't find the right set, we'll be happy to create a customised watering set that meets your exact needs - whether you're growing 2 or 200 plants.

Our grow kits are the key to a successful indoor grow. They save time, money and nerves as they are perfectly tailored to the needs of growers. If you are still unsure or have any questions, don't hesitate to call us. Our competent team will be happy to help you with words and deeds. Let's start your successful grow together!

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