Greenception - LED plant lamps for smart plant growth

Let's be smarter. Greenception's vision is to grow plants intelligently. With Greenception's innovative LED plant lamps, this vision has become a reality.

German engineering for optimised Grow LED solutions

Greenception relies on German engineering - innovative technologies, efficient use of resources, first-class quality and maximum safety. All of this comes together to create optimum Grow LED solutions that you can rely on all round.

Teamwork for customised solutions

Greenception consists of a team of individualists who have a common goal: to remain curious and not be satisfied with the first solution. The clear demand for quality and teamwork in which everyone contributes their skills are the way to better solutions at Greenception.

Experience meets innovation for tomorrow

Innovation is important, but many years of expertise also play a crucial role. Greenception combines both by drawing on the experience of three generations and leading them into the future with modern solutions.

Innovation driver Greenception

Greenception sees itself as a driver of innovation on the market. With proudly lived tradition as part of a 3-generation gardening dynasty, Greenception combines decades of experience with the most modern methods of product design. The introduction of light recipes, square lamps for square tents, the bar design or UV and colour-red light in indoor horticulture are milestones of this innovative approach.

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