Increase yields and healthier growth with plant fertilizer

Here you will find a wide variety of high-quality fertilizers for various needs. Our products include bloom fertilizer, growth fertilizer, solid fertilizer for the garden, grow fertilizer, lawn fertilizer and fertilizer specifically for ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables. With the right fertilizer, you can stimulate growth, roots or flowering specifically. The growth can be further accelerated by using high-quality soil.


Bloom fertilizer

Our bloom fertilizer is ideal for all flowering plants in your garden. It contains a balanced mixture of nutrients that promote flower growth and help the plants to unfold their full splendor. With our bloom fertilizer, your flowers and shrubs will bloom in bright colors.

Growth fertilizer

If you want to promote the growth of your plants, we recommend our highly effective growth fertilizer. It contains essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which stimulate plant growth and lead to healthy, vigorous plants. Our growth fertilizer is perfect for young plants and those that are still developing.

Solid fertilizer for the garden

Our solid fertilizer offers a practical and long-lasting solution for fertilizing your garden. With its special formula, it continuously releases nutrients into the soil, which leads to a healthy soil structure and optimal plant growth. Our solid fertilizer is easy to use and ensures that your plants are well-supplied throughout the year.

Grow fertilizer

For all passionate gardeners and growers, we have special grow fertilizers in our range. It contains a balanced mixture of nutrients that promote the growth and development of plants in every phase of the life cycle. Our grow fertilizers supply the nutrients needed for healthy roots, strong stems and bountiful harvests.

Lawn fertilizer

A green and dense lawn is the dream of every garden owner. Our lawn fertilizer offers the optimal mixture of nutrients to keep your lawn healthy and vigorous. It promotes growth, resistance to stress factors and ensures a deep green color. With our lawn fertilizer, your lawn will be the eye-catcher in the neighborhood.

Fertilizer for ornamental plants, fruit and vegetables

Whether you grow ornamental plants, fruit trees or vegetables, we have the right fertilizer for you. Our special formulas are designed to meet the individual needs of different plants. They provide essential nutrients to promote growth, flowering and fruit formation. With our high-quality fertilizer, you will achieve a healthy and productive harvest.

More information on plant fertilizer

What does N-P-K on my fertilizer actually mean?

The letters stand for the chemical elements N = nitrogen, P = phosphorus and K = potassium. The numbers behind them are weight percentages. For example, Cultivalley Stardust NPK 0-52-34 means: 0g N, 52g P2O5, 34g K2O5 and 14g ballast salts, which our plants cannot do anything with.

And what are these ballast salts?

If we add the NPK indication, for example, of Cultivalley Growth Fertilizer NPK 20-5-10-(+2Mg), we get 37% by weight of nutrients. Logically, this means that 63% of the salt is not taken up by the plant and remains in the nutrient solution. That's why we recommend replacing the nutrient solution after at most four weeks to ensure a constant nutrient supply.

What are micro nutrients?

Plants consist of more than 90% of hydrogen (H), carbon (C) and oxygen (O). These elements are abundant in nature, so they are not considered nutrients in plant nutrition. When plants are dried – we then speak of dry matter – this consists of 90-95% of the elements H, O and C. Because sugar and cellulose, the skeleton of the plants, consist of these elements.

By burning, we remove these hydrocarbons and then keep 5g of 100g plant mass. Of this, about 4.4g N-P-K-Ca, our main nutrients, as well as about 0.5g Mg and S, the so-called secondary nutrients. The remaining 0.1g is distributed to all microelements. These are: iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), boron (B), copper (Cu), molybdenum (Mo) and chlorine (Cl). Iron has the highest share, as it is needed to build chlorophyll.

Discover our wide range of fertilizers and additives. We are proud to offer products that will make your plants and garden bloom. Order today and get the fertilizer you need for successful gardening.

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