Plant care

The ultimate guide to using lawn lime
| 10.08.2023 | 0
Are you tired of looking at your unsightly lawn? Dreaming of a lush and vibrant garden that will be the envy of your neighbours? Look no further - we have the ultimate guide to using lawn lime to transform your outdoor space into a paradise.
Nutrient deficiency symptoms on plants
| 28.07.2023 | 0
In the case of a nutrient deficiency, plants can show various characteristic symptoms. These signs vary depending on whether non-mobile or mobile nutrients are involved.
Foliar fertilisation: The effective secret weapon for healthier plants?
| 21.07.2023 | 0
Foliar feeding is a method of supplying your plants with nutrients directly through their leaves. Sounds interesting? Read more on the GBK blog!
Lawn care in autumn: get through the winter in good shape
| 12.09.2022 | 0
Lawn clippingsWhen the soil temperature drops below 9°C, the lawn stops growing. This threshold is usually reached in October. Therefore, the last cut of the lawn should be made in September. This cut should not be shorter than 5 cm. If the grass is shorter over the winter, the frost can p...
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