Open every Saturday again!
| 23.09.2023 | 0
From today, 23.09.23, we are back in the shop as usual every Saturday from 11am - 3pm. We look forward to your visit!
Welcome to the green paradise of indoor growing: Your path to magnificent plants!
| 18.08.2023 | 0
Whether you're a passionate gardener with years of experience or a curious newcomer to growing plants, the world of indoor growing is full of fascinating possibilities. Growing plants in protected environments allows us to create green oases that fill our spaces with life all year round.
The ultimate guide to using lawn lime
| 10.08.2023 | 0
Are you tired of looking at your unsightly lawn? Dreaming of a lush and vibrant garden that will be the envy of your neighbours? Look no further - we have the ultimate guide to using lawn lime to transform your outdoor space into a paradise.
Nutrient deficiency symptoms on plants
| 28.07.2023 | 0
In the case of a nutrient deficiency, plants can show various characteristic symptoms. These signs vary depending on whether non-mobile or mobile nutrients are involved.
Foliar fertilisation: The effective secret weapon for healthier plants?
| 21.07.2023 | 0
Foliar feeding is a method of supplying your plants with nutrients directly through their leaves. Sounds interesting? Read more on the GBK blog!
Instagram account from GBK
| 01.06.2023 | 0
We are pleased to introduce our Instagram account gbk.grow! As passionate gardeners and plant lovers, we would like to use this account to offer you a platform where we can share our expertise, inspiration and tips on the topics of gardening and growing.
The nutrient cocktail for green growth: NPK explained
| 03.05.2023 | 0
In summary, NPK values are an important indicator of the composition of plant fertilisers. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are important nutrients for plants that are essential for their growth and development.
Expanded clay: why this substrate is so good and what else you can do with it
| 18.11.2022 | 0
Whether in gardening and landscaping, in construction, or directly in your household. The possible applications are manifold.
How it all started at GBK: That's how our growshop was born!
| 31.10.2022 | 0
How it all started at GBK: That's how our growshop was born! You can find a short preview here .
Lawn care in autumn: Get through the winter in good shape
| 12.09.2022 | 0
Lawn care in autumn: Get through the winter in good shape.
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