Welcome to the world of BioBizz fertilisers - your partner for organic cultivation

Are you looking for high-quality products for organic cultivation? BioBizz is the right place for you. Since 1992, BioBizz World Wide Organics has been producing and exporting organic fertilisers of the highest quality. Let's explore the philosophy, mission and products of BioBizz together.

The vision of BioBizz: The earth

BioBizz's philosophy is simple and clear: organic farming should reach as many people as possible in order to minimise the impact on our world. Since its foundation in 1992, BioBizz has strived to promote sustainable agriculture and emphasise the importance of natural products and methods.

The mission of BioBizz: Sustainable agriculture since 1992

Born in Groningen, the Netherlands, BioBizz began as a small family business. Today, active in over 70 countries, BioBizz remains true to its origins. The employees work together to establish BioBizz fertilisers as a leading company in the sector. The mission is clear: to promote sustainable agriculture while offering the highest quality.

Focus on plants and people

At BioBizz, the health of plants and people takes centre stage. All products contain no artificial additives, synthetic pesticides or harmful heavy metals. BioBizz only uses 100% certified natural ingredients from controlled sources. Healthy plants and safe, flavourful harvests are the result.

100% organic guarantee for impressive harvests

Respect for the environment is of the utmost importance at BioBizz. But BioBizz is convinced that organic cultivation does not have to go hand in hand with first-class results in growth and yield. BioBizz guarantees impressive harvests in terms of quality and quantity with 100% organic products. Organic cultivation utilises nature's bounty for abundant harvests, healthy plants and intense natural flavour.

Insights into production: only 100% certified products are 100% organic

BioBizz has developed a wide range of organic substrates, liquid fertilisers and substrate improvers. With more certificates than any other company in the sector, BioBizz ensures that the origin and production process are transparent. BioBizz has undergone the most complex tests to ensure that all products are 100% organic and environmentally friendly.

BioBizz's conviction: The best for people without harming the earth

BioBizz is convinced that it is time to leave the laboratory and take root in the soil. Every use of BioBizz products means that no harmful elements contaminate the groundwater or harm wildlife. Instead, you can look forward to healthy plants and bountiful harvests.

Living organic cultivation at BioBizz

Not only the products, but also the practices of BioBizz promote organic cultivation. Next to the main building, BioBizz operates a greenhouse where fruit and vegetables are grown. This promotes self-sufficiency and ensures that BioBizz fruit is clean, 100% organic and environmentally friendly.

The future with BioBizz

BioBizz has always been committed to promoting organic cultivation and providing the best results for growers. BioBizz is headquartered in Bilbao, with offices in Barcelona, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. BioBizz is present in 64 countries worldwide and offers products in Europe, North and South America and other regions.

Discover the world of organic farming with BioBizz and be part of a sustainable and healthy future!

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