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Aufgrund eines stark erhöhten Bestellaufkommens und Lieferengpässen bei unseren Lieferanten, sowie den Herstellern, kommt es derzeit leider zu Verzögerungen. Von dir bereits bestellte Ware ist für dich reserviert und wird so schnell wie möglich versendet. Bitte hilf uns dabei, indem du von Anfragen zum Verstandstatus absiehst. Bei anderen Anfragen steht dir unser Support natürlich weiterhin zur Verfügung. Wir bitten jedoch um Geduld und entschuldigen uns für die lange Wartezeit.

GrowsArtig Alfa Boost

Alfa Boost: Your all-in-one plant tonic

  • Supports plants at all stages of development
  • Promotes root growth, ripening and yield
  • Prevents salinisation, maintains soil quality
  • No significant influence on EC value
  • Low pH value, ideal with sugary boosters
  • Natural mixture of microorganisms and herbs
  • Long-term fermentation for optimum release of active ingredients
  • Concentrated in bacteria, fungal cultures and active ingredients
  • With natural triacontanol

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Your all-in-one support for every stage of development

Alfa Boost, your versatile plant booster, has been carefully developed to support your plants at all stages of growth. From early germination and rooting to full bloom and even beyond - Alfa Boost accompanies your plants throughout their development.

Role of Alfa Boost as a plant booster

Alfa Boost is designed as a booster, which means that it should be used in combination with a fertiliser or nutrient-rich soil. However, this all-in-one booster offers a wide range of benefits:

  • Promoting root growth: Alfa Boost focuses on a strong root system that optimises the absorption of nutrients and makes the plant more resistant.
  • Accelerated ripening: The use of Alfa Boost promotes the rapid development of your plants, which can lead to an earlier harvest.
  • Increasing crop yield: By stimulating essential growth processes, Alfa Boost helps to maximise your crop yield.
  • Prevention of salinisation: Another plus point is the ability of Alfa Boost to prevent salinisation and thus maintain soil quality.
Versatile application options

In addition to Alfa Boost, you can also use other plant additives to achieve optimum results. Root stimulators, flowering accelerators, PK boosters such as PK13/14 and other complementary products can be used in combination with Alfa Boost to promote the growth and flowering of your plants even more specifically.

Special instructions for use

Alfa Boost only has a minimal effect on the EC value as it mainly contains micro and macronutrients. However, note the low pH value of Alfa Boost, which makes the water more acidic. To get the best out of your plants, we recommend combining Alfa Boost with products containing molasses or other sugary boosters.

Natural composition and manufacturing process

The power of Alfa Boost comes from a unique blend of carefully selected microorganisms and herbs. During the complex manufacturing process, these ingredients are fermented over a period of two months. This process leads to the multiplication of microorganisms that not only produce vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants, but also naturally release the active ingredients of the herbs and plants they contain.

The density of quality

Alfa Boost may seem liquid, but it consists to a large extent of high-quality bacterial and fungal cultures, which in turn consist mainly of water. This makes Alfa Boost a product with a high concentration of useful microorganisms. In addition, Alfa Boost contains physiologically active plant substances, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that promote the growth and health of your plants.

Overall, Alfa Boost is the all-in-one plant stimulant you can rely on to optimally support your plants from germination to harvest. Thanks to its natural composition and broad spectrum of action, it is an indispensable partner for every ambitious gardener.

Alfa Boost: The power of nature in your garden

The power of the ingredients

The unique composition of Alfa Boost is based on high-quality ingredients that are carefully combined in an elaborate manufacturing process. Here you can find out more about the valuable ingredients of Alfa Boost and their positive influence on your plants.

High-quality raw materials for outstanding results

The ingredients of Alfa Boost are a careful selection of bacterial and fungal cultures, natural enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and a wealth of plant-based active ingredients from hand-picked herbs and plants. These raw materials come exclusively from German and Austrian producers who are certified organic and specialise in wild harvesting or organic farming. The bacterial and fungal cultures in Alfa Boost are not genetically modified and have proven to be beneficial to human health.

The variety of active ingredients in Alfa Boost

Among the numerous plant-physiologically active ingredients in Alfa Boost, some stand out in particular:

Triacontanol - The driving force behind Alfa Boost

Triacontanol, obtained from alfalfa or lucerne, is an outstanding plant growth substance. It accelerates the metabolism, promotes growth, increases fruit yield and enlarges flowers and fruits. The importance of Alfa Boost is even reflected in its name - Alfa Boost is derived from the term "alfalfa".

Auxins - For a healthy root system and more

Auxins, which are abundant in willows, are known for their positive effect on the plant. They support cell division growth, promote fruit set and increase root growth.

Gibberellins - For a successful germination process

Gibberellins are crucial for the germination process. They accelerate the activation of the seed and work in combination with other active substances, such as auxins, to produce larger flowers and fruits.

Cytokinins - the regulators of growth

Cytokinins stimulate cell division and coordinate complex plant growth and differentiation processes. In combination with other phytohormones, they promote healthy growth and make the plant more resistant to pathogens.

Brassinosteroids - natural resistance

Brassinosteroids, which are abundant in pitch cloves, strengthen the plant's resistance. They make the plant more resistant to pathogens and environmental stresses, while at the same time supporting root growth.

Further treasures of nature

Alfa Boost also contains silica, which strengthens the cell walls and provides protection against insect infestation. Salicylic acid from willows and other sources supports the plants in stressful situations such as repotting or drought. Vitamins and antioxidants, also contained in Alfa Boost, strengthen the plant and protect it from oxidative stress.

Natural manufacturing process for optimum quality

Alfa Boost is produced without artificially interrupting the fermentation process or adding preservatives. The careful fermentation process lasts until it is completed by itself. This ensures that the microorganisms and active ingredients remain fully active.

The living nature of Alfa Boost

Alfa Boost is not a conventional product. The living bacterial and fungal cultures remain dormant until they come into contact with air. As soon as Alfa Boost is opened, they awaken and develop their remarkable effects when applied to plants under suitable conditions.

With Alfa Boost you bring the natural power of the plant world into your garden. The carefully selected ingredients offer a wide range of benefits for healthy plant growth and impressive yields.

Microorganisms in the soil: The secret weapon of Alfa Boost

The invisible helpers in the soil

The microorganisms contained in Alfa Boost, which include various strains of lacto- and cyanobacteria as well as different genera of yeast fungi, have a remarkable variety of positive effects in the soil and on the plant.

Enzymes as accelerators of physiological processes

During fermentation, these microorganisms produce enzymes that act like biocatalysts and accelerate physiological processes in both the soil and the plant. In addition, they provide customised enzymes that can be called up by the plant as required.

Symbiotic relationship for optimal development

The microorganisms live in symbiosis with the plants and produce a variety of substances that are essential for the optimal development of the plant. In exchange for these substances, they receive carbohydrates (sugar) from the plant.

Promotion of a positive soil environment

The symbiotic microorganisms create a favourable environment in the soil, which deprives pathogenic bacteria and harmful fungi of their basis for life. Dead roots are quickly converted into valuable substances such as enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants that benefit the plant.

Stimulation of root growth for healthy plants

These microorganisms play a decisive role in stimulating root growth, especially hair roots. In combination with plant-physiologically active substances such as brassinosteroids and auxins, they contribute to a strong and well-developed root system.

Healthy root system for a healthy plant

A strong root system forms the foundation for a healthy plant. The symbiotic microorganisms promote efficient nutrient uptake and minimise the risk of salinisation. This enables the plant to develop healthily and vigorously.

Efficient nutrient absorption and energy saving

The bacteria and fungi in Alfa Boost optimise the absorption of organic and mineral nutrients. They also produce complex molecules from these nutrients, which would normally have to be produced by the plant itself. This relieves the plant of energy-intensive processes and allows it to invest more energy in growth and flower production.

The invisible helpers of Alfa Boost, the microorganisms, play a decisive role in promoting healthy plant growth. Their interaction with the active ingredients they contain creates a harmonious environment in the soil, which is essential for vigorous and vital plant development. Alfa Boost utilises the natural synergy between plant and microorganisms to give your plants the best possible start to successful growth.

Application and dosage of Alfa Boost: practical tips for optimum plant growth

How, when and how much Alfa Boost? - A guide to success

Depending on the development phase of your plants, Alfa Boost is applied in different ways and in different quantities. Here are the recommended dosages and application times:

  • Germination: 1 ml / 1 litre: If you are pre-germinating seeds, add 1 ml of Alfa Boost per litre of germination fluid. If you sow the seeds directly in soil, coconut or rock wool, add 1 ml of Alfa Boost per litre of watering or drinking liquid.
  • Rooting of cuttings: 1-5 ml / 1 litre: Water the medium in which the cutting is placed with a solution of 1 ml per litre. Water regularly with the same dosage until the cutting has developed roots. During rooting, the cuttings are sprayed every fortnight with a solution of 5 ml / 1 litre.
  • Transplanting: 2-4 ml / 1 litre: Water transplanted plants with a concentration of 2 ml / 1 litre. For spraying, use a concentration of 4 ml / 1 litre.
  • Growth phase: 2-10 ml / 1 litre: During the growth phase, water with a dosage of 2 ml / 1 litre and spray with 10 ml / 1 litre.
  • Flowering phase: 4-20 ml / 1 litre: Start the first week of flowering with a dosage of 4 ml / 1 litre and increase by 2 ml every fortnight. The maximum dosage is 10 ml / 1 litre at the end of the bloom.
Watering and sprinkling: Maximising the defence system

Regular watering and spraying with Alfa Boost strengthens the natural defence system of your plants. This results in resistant plants that are less susceptible to pests and diseases.

The good bacteria and fungi in Alfa Boost colonise the leaves and create an environment that repels pests and leaves no room for pathogenic microorganisms.

Tips for use and storage

Spraying is recommended until the third week of flowering. After this phase, plants can be sprayed if necessary, but care must be taken to avoid mould growth.

A fine mist has a positive effect on plant growth. The plants should be sprayed dripping wet until the third week of flowering, then only lightly moistened. Before drying after harvesting, a light mist of Alfa Boost is also recommended to improve storage life and reduce mould.

Fertilisation: The right combination

Alfa Boost contains traces of micro- and macronutrients from fermented herbs and plant parts. Nevertheless, Alfa Boost is a booster and not a main source of nutrients. An additional supply of micro and macronutrients is essential.

Alfa Boost harmonises well with organic fertilisers and enhances their effect. It can also be combined with mineral fertilisers and various media such as soil, coco, hydro and aerosystems.

Conclusion on the GrowsArtig Alfa Boost All in One plant booster

Alfa Boost utilises the power of microorganisms and plant-physiologically active ingredients to promote the growth and health of your plants. Through targeted dosing and application, you can strengthen the defence system of your plants and improve their resistance to external influences. The versatile application possibilities of Alfa Boost make it possible to respond to different growth phases and fertilisation types and thus support optimal plant development.

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