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Nutrient supply for plants made easy

Why be difficult when it can also be simple: Hydro-Aero systems are probably the most efficient way to supply your plants with the right nutrients continuously and precisely. And word has already spread: Countless growers, researchers and scientists around the world appreciate the robustness and growth of the plants using these systems.


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Hydroponics, what is it actually?

The term hydroponics is derived from the Greek words hydro (water) and ponos (work). Aeroponics thus from aero (air) and ponos. In this context, we are also possibly already familiar with what was probably one of the world's first hydroponic systems: The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The foundation for hydroponics was laid by Baron Justus von Liebig as early as the 19th century. He was fundamentally concerned with the nutrient uptake of plants and brought with him the theory that plants need certain minerals, which do not necessarily have to be taken up via the soil.

Building on these and other findings, Wilhelm Knop and Julius Sachs supported their work, also still in the 19th century. Both studies, which ran more or less in parallel, led to the same result, a nutrient solution specially developed for plants and their development.

In Germany it all started in 1967 after the company LuWaSa (air, water, sand), founded by Gerhard Baumann from Bern, recognised the excellent properties of expanded clay and developed a system consisting of a culture pot, water level indicator and planter that is still used today. However, this cultivation method did not become really popular until the 1980s.

Hydro-Aero systems from AutoPot

The Hydro-Aero systems from AutoPot are among the most frequently used irrigation systems worldwide. And not without reason: the systems are practically maintenance-free and use patented AquaValve technology to control the watering cycle of the plants. This is controlled according to individual needs.

Another plus point of the AutoPot irrigation system is that it works via the water pressure from a water barrel or water tank. This means that you do not need a fixed water pipe, pumps, timers or other expensive accessories to ensure the reliable watering of your plants.

Watering systems from growTOOL

The supplier growTool produces high-quality flood tables and thus serves a trend that is becoming more and more widespread. Increasingly, exotic, climate-sensitive plants are being grown.

The flood tables can fully exploit their advantages here: They are available in a wide range of dimensions for every need. The plants are grown comfortably and independently without any media, such as soil, rock wool or coco. Excess water can be collected in one place and drained away.

Hydrosystems from Nutriculture

The hydrosystems from Nutriculture make watering your plants child's play: via an integrated timer function, nutrients and water in the form of a nutrient solution are automatically pumped out of the water tank, flooding the plants and then ebbing away again.

The roots of the plants are thus directly supplied with oxygen, water and nutrients. The result in the form of qualitative plants is something to be proud of.

Deep Water Culture from Cultivalley

With our own brand Cultivalley, we offer, among other growing methods, Deep Water Culture. This is an active hydrophonic system known in the USA as a bubbler and is commonly appreciated as the fastest method of cultivation for its rapid results.

In terms of ease of set-up and operation, Cultivalley's deep water culture really compares favourably with other systems, such as NFT (Nutrient Film Technology). There are also fewer fluctuations in PH, EC and temperature.

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