CO2: Optimal conditions for your plant growth

In our CO2 category you will find everything you need to take the growth of your plants to the next level. CO2 is a crucial factor for photosynthesis and plays a central role in plant growth. Here you can find out how to optimise your indoor garden or grow room efficiently and specifically with CO2.

Why is CO2 important for plants?

CO2, or carbon dioxide, is essential for plants as it plays a key role in the photosynthesis process. Plants convert CO2 and light into energy and nutrients, which significantly increases growth and yields. In an environment with sufficient CO2, plants can grow faster and more vigorously. With a targeted supply of CO2, you can significantly optimise the growth of your plants.

Our selection of CO2 products

We offer a wide range of CO2 products that have been specially developed for gardeners. Whether you are a professional grower or a hobby gardener, you will find the right solutions for your individual needs here.

  • Professional CO2 fixtures: Our high-quality CO2 fittings are the ideal choice for growers who want precise control over the CO2 supply. These fittings are easy to regulate via control units and ensure even and reliable CO2 distribution in your grow room.
  • CO2 tablets and bags: For growers looking for a simpler and more cost-effective solution, we offer CO2 tablets and bags. These products release CO2 continuously and are easy to use. They are particularly suitable for smaller grow rooms and hobby gardeners.
The advantages of a targeted CO2 supply

The use of CO2 to improve plant growth offers numerous benefits, including

  • Faster growth: With sufficient CO2, your plants can grow faster and more vigorously, which leads to higher yields.
  • Optimum photosynthesis: An increased CO2 content promotes photosynthesis and increases the efficiency of energy conversion.
  • Improved quality: Plants that grow in a CO2-enriched environment often have a higher quality and better flavour.

Discover our selection of CO2 products and increase the productivity and quality of your indoor garden. With a targeted supply of CO2, you can create optimal conditions for your plants and maximise your yields.

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